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5 Surprising Areas For Dermal Filler Treatments

5 Surprising Areas For Dermal Filler Treatments

Lip fiillers and cheek augmentation are considered by many to be run-of-the-mill nowadays. Dermal Filler treatments consistently provide reliable results, which has led to an upsurge in less traditional areas becoming the focus of treatment. The Lovely Clinic. have performed procedures all over the face and body, gaining natural-looking results in places that you may not have realised were suitable for injectables. Take a look at our top 5 surprising areas – where on the body would you add?

Dermal Filler Treatments Performed At The Lovely Clinic

1. Forehead
The forehead may not seem like an unusual place to treat, but fine lines and wrinkles are typically smoothed with Muscle-Relaxing Injections in this area. Another way of rejuvenating this area is to use dermal fillers to restore lost volume. As soft tissue depletes with age, the upper third of the face can appear flatter and in some cases concave. When the ratios between the forehead and the chin are altered, the profile becomes inharmonious. Dermal Filler treatments can make the forehead appear slightly rounder, which helps light to reflect off this area and the face to appear more youthful and balanced.

2. A-frame
When the upper eyelid framing the eye creates an A shape, the socket can appear hollow and skeletal. Some people are born with this look, whereas others develop a deeper A-frame due to the reabsorption of bone and fat as they age. Small amounts of Dermal Filler in the inner part of the upper eye adds natural-looking volume, totally rejuvenating the eye area.

3. Hands
Many people match rigorous skincare regimes with carefully considered facial aesthetic treatments to slow down the ageing process. When the hands are neglected, this hard work is undone! Lost volume can cause the bones, veins and tendons to appear more pronounced, making the hands look aged. Dermal Filler Injections plump sunken areas, making the hands appear less bony and more youthful.

4. Earlobes
The effects of ageing hit every part of your body, even the ears. If you have noticed that wearing earrings makes your lobes look stretched, or that they are naturally hanging a bit lower than they used to, make earlobe filler your next treatment. A tiny amount of hyaluronic acid in each ear volumises the area and restores its natural plumpness. This treatment is also ideal for those who intentionally stretched out piercings and are looking to reconstruct their earlobes.

5. Tear Troughs
When the area under the eye loses volume, your eyes may appear sunken. The hollowness can form dark circles, which creates a tired and unhealthy look. This can be corrected with dermal filler. A few small injections restore lost volume, reduce eye bags and smooth away nearby fine lines.

Dermal filler treatments surrounding the eye carry a greater risk of unwanted side effects, so selecting an experienced and trusted practitioner is a must.

All of our filler specialists at The Lovely Clinic are trained to the highest standard and have performed thousands of procedures. You can be sure that you’re in safe hands when undergoing tear trough treatment at our clinic.

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