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Age-defying, skin-transformative light therapy

One of the most transformative light-based skin therapies available today, the award-winning thermal energy-centric genius of BBL ® HERO ™ has the extraordinary potential to not only remove but also de-age skin cells at DNA level. This game-changing treatment serves to combat everything from acne to discolouration.


Dr Sarah Tonks says...

“The extraordinary thing about BBL ® HERO ™, particularly Forever Young, is that – if done regularly – it can actually de-age your skin at what’s known as the ‘gene expression level’. People generally assume their genetic code is immutable, but that’s not the case – environmental and lifestyle factors all affect what surfaces. BBL ® HERO ™ effectively kickstarts a repair process that can express more youthful genes; a younger ‘phenotype’.”


What is it and how does it work?

BBL ® (or BroadBand Light) HERO ™ is part of the IPL (intense pulsed light) family of procedures – and is the only system of IPL shown in a study to have the potential to rejuvenate, not just remove, ageing skin cells at a DNA level. Unlike the spot-targeted beams of traditional laser work, the BBL ® HERO ™ handpiece is used to scatter thermal energy across the skin to swiftly treat a broad area in one go. Sometimes described as “the Swiss army knife” of light therapies due to its versatility, by focusing on delivering a general improvement, it can diminish discolouration, smooth textural imbalances, and counter rosacea, sun damage, active acne, persistent flushing and age spots.
Patients should feel minimal to no discomfort during treatment as the handpiece glides across the skin, thanks to a sapphire cooling system on the end of the applicator’s device that keeps the skin calm, and a topical numbing cream used prior to the procedure. Post-treatment, most patients will experience a pleasantly warm sensation for an additional 30-60 minutes.
Patients can choose from several variations of BBL ® HERO ™ (see below) to reach specific goals, with your therapist creating a bespoke mix on your behalf to deliver maximum results.
Forever Flawless: Designed to help reverse age spots and counter vascular conditions, rosacea and unwanted pigmentation, the thermal energy emitted in Forever Flawless specifically targets the melanin responsible for dark patches and the blood vessels that cause red or flushed skin. Spurring deep-level collagen production, skin generally appears more radiant after only one treatment. Most patients will need three to four sessions, each one month apart.
Forever Young: Often used in tandem with Forever Flawless, the deep dermal penetrating light energy used in Forever Young is focused on future-proofing skin, slowing the overt signs of ageing. An unprecedented 10-year clinical study revealed that, on average, patients appeared approximately 11 years younger than their actual biological age (so even younger than when they embarked on the trial itself!) After an initial course, patients are recommended to take two treatments per year to maintain the results.
Forever Clear: A cutting edge acne treatment, Forever Clear promises calmer skin almost instantly. Initially, blue light energy is directed into the skin’s pores to eradicate bacteria. Next, a soothing yellow light energy is administered to shrink inflammation. Finally, infrared energy is deployed to boost the skin-plumping and healing properties of collagen – minimising potential scarring. The number of treatments will be dependent on the severity of the acne.
Skin Tyte: Conceived in the service of reestablishing a youthful firmness and elasticity, Skin Tyte is an infrared light therapy for people wanting tighter skin without the drawback of invasive surgery. Rapid, gentle pulses of lighting kickstart the body’s natural healing process to reboot sagging skin, making it particularly appealing as a treatment for the abdomen, buttocks and arms. Four to six treatments at four-week intervals are usually advised for top results.
Forever Body: Ultra-speedy (it can be done in just 20 minutes), Forever Body flashes light quickly across the entire body to remove pigmented cells and replace them with fresh, new undamaged cells. A course of four treatments is suggested for the best results, followed by twice-yearly treatments thereafter for maintenance.
Forever Bare: The ultimate hair removal light therapy, Forever Bare’s smooth motion technology delivers a low fluence in multiple pulses (instead of pummelling the body in one spot like conventional treatments), in order to protect the surrounding skin as it raises the follicle temperature to an effective level to remove hair. A series of three to six treatments is generally advised.

Which body parts is it designed for?

BBL ® HERO ™ can be used anywhere on the body – the tool uses proprietary technology designed to deliver a smooth and consistent motion as it’s swept across the skin, and comes with a suite of filters relating to different wavelengths of light, enabling us to customise the treatment to each patient.

Who is it primarily good for?

Anyone aged 18+.

How long will it last for and what’s the downtime?

Expect some reddening and temporary darkening of pigmentation as it lifts, which tends to take just a few days. Each patient’s results will be different, but results can last for months or even years, depending on the condition treated, and the patient’s lifestyle and natural ageing process.


What other treatments does it work well with?

What else should I know?

To work at its very best, BBL ® HERO ™ will require a course of treatment (see above for each instance) but, for most, early results are generally visible in just one or two treatments.

Sometimes described as the Swiss army knife of light therapies, BBL ® HERO ™ diminishes discolouration and counters rosacea, sun damage, active acne, persistent flushing and age spots.


Here are a few final things that you might like to know before taking things forward. If you have any other questions we haven’t thought of yet, no problem! Please email us at and one of the team will get back to you as quickly as they possibly can.

Does it hurt?

We’ll provide a numbing cream to offset any potential pain or discomfort.

What can go wrong?

There is a small risk of low-level burning, hyperpigmentation, redness, flaky skin and scabbing, but your doctor will advise you regarding any specific risk factors relevant to you in full pre-treatment.

When does it start to work

You’ll be able to see results in around a week or so for treatments to remedy rosacea; for hyperpigmentation or skin tightening-based procedures, allow a few weeks for the full effects to become visible. A course of treatment will always provide the best results.

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