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Benefits Of Peptide Fillers

Benefits Of Peptide Fillers

We’re thrilled to offer peptide fillers amongst our range of treatments at TLC! For anyone interested in firming their skin, protecting it from environmental nasties or adding moisture back in, this could be just the solution for you, read on to discover why we love peptide fillers and everything you need to know about this effective skin treatment.

Peptide fillers: The lowdown

Our new peptide filler treatment delivers a synergy of three effects for perfect skin: moisturisation, skin firmness and tightening. And as part of our non-invasive dermal filler treatments at TLC. We can see that patients are really excited to try them.

In a nutshell, peptide fillers contain qualities that make them capable of improving elasticity and firmness in the skin by binding together water molecules. For your lovely skin, this means plumping up the areas you want to target and encouraging firmness using the naturally occurring water that’s already in your skin. Pretty great, right?

Benefits of peptide fillers
We’ve already touched on everything you need to know about fillers in general – but what makes peptide fillers stand out from the rest? Not only can they give skin a lifted and volumised look, but they actually boost hyaluronic acid production in the skin, giving a lasting glowing and plumping effect.

You may have come across hyaluronic acid as the new in-vogue cosmetic ingredient, but did you know that it’s actually a naturally occurring substance in humans? Far from what its name suggests, hyaluronic acid is a water-based molecule, 50% of which lies within the skin where it plays a key role in structuring the skin’s makeup. With age, particularly past the age of 40, we start to lose our natural collagen production, hyaluronic acid takes the hit too, causing our skin to start sagging.

Luckily, peptide fillers not only add a boost to the skin, they also encourage the body to produce more hyaluronic acid slowly and continuously, so they really are a win-win for the world of skincare. They also help to break down free radicals in the skin caused by environmental stressors like those of pollution. A true multi-tasking treatment if you ask us!

Want to know more about fillers in general?

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