Body-Identical Hormone Therapy for Hair

Deep-dive hormonal therapy for healthier hair

Restoring hormonal health for optimal overall wellness, body identical hormone therapy (BIHT) employs a trio of biomarkers (urine, blood and saliva) to establish a unique hormone prescription. These customised hormone replenishments rebalance the body, including reactivating healthier hair.


Dr Sarah Tonks says...

“Body identical hormone therapy exemplifies a holistic patient-centred approach to medicine, where the foundation of functional integrative testing enables us to create a super effective customised solution, including for the hair.”

What is it and how does it work?

Hormones are often referred to as the body’s chemical messengers, due to the fact that they work in concert to regulate a multitude of processes, including sleep, growth, sexual function, reproduction, mood and metabolism. However, they can easily fall out of their natural equilibrium, triggering a domino effect of ailments, from tiredness and low sex drive to lacklustre hair.

Countering this, Body Identical Hormone Therapy involves a combination of expert clinical assessment and in-depth functional testing using urine, blood and saliva analysis to establish an individual’s unique hormonal landscape. Equipped with this information, we’re able to custom-create a prescription to finetune the body, helping patients to regain balance and strength in line with their ideal natural state – including slowing the shrinking of hair follicles in order to maintain ideal hair density.

There are two levels of initial testing available for this therapy.

The first is a Blood Panel, a relatively simple health-scoping investigation used to create a clear snapshot of an individual’s physiological and biochemical state. This discovery process establishes levels of vitamin D (actually a hormone, not a vitamin) as well as the status of the thyroid, sex (progesterone, testosterone, oestradiol and oestrogen) and adrenal hormones. The test also spotlights cholesterol, full blood count, iron, diabetes risk, liver function and other vitamin levels. Patients undertake a simple blood test at one of TLC’s partner laboratories, which is then analysed and interpreted in detail by our team.

The second is a combination of the blood panel described above and the more advanced DUTCH Plus® test, with additional complexity that lies in its exposure of not only a ‘static view’ of a patient’s state of hormonal health, but also an in-motion perspective on how the body is metabolising those hormones (i.e., what’s being generated, processed and eliminated, and insights into the pathways the hormones travel through). Additional to the factors seen in the Blood Panels, this test reveals levels of melatonin, DNA damage, vitamins B12 and B6, cellular antioxidant glutathione and a critical focus on cortisol – the primary stress hormone. To undertake this test, for just one day patients are required (at four intervals) to take a urine sample (which is dried) and saliva (which is frozen) via cotton rolls.

The resulting treatment is a bespoke combination of molecular-mirroring hormones that can be administered as pills, patches, creams, gels or injectable shots.

Which body parts is it designed for?

Body Identical Hormone Therapy is part of a holistic process of discovery designed to deliver a 360° vantage point of an individual’s physical wellbeing from which key trigger issues can be resolved. This includes accelerating hair growth.

Who is it primarily good for?

How long will it last for and what’s the downtime?

There is no downtime associated with this treatment, but please note that all treatment responses are dependent on the individual patient.

What other treatments does it work well with?

For patients seeking Body Identical Hormone Therapy specifically for Hair as part of wider struggles with the symptoms of perimenopause or menopause, such as loss of plumpness or sagging skin, additionally supportive treatments include the below:


Dermal Fillers – injectable hyaluronic or Poly-L-Lactic-Acid acids capable of restoring original bounce; Advanced Muscle-Relaxing Injectables that relax and rejuvenate the skin; and Desirial – a specialist dermal filler that discretely restores tone, plumpness, hydration, elasticity and sensitivity to the vulvovaginal area.

What else should I know?

It’s important to note that the DUTCH Plus® testing, while offering an excellent window into internal health, only provides a snapshot of a single day. For the most accurate results, it’s therefore advisable to undertake the urine, blood, and saliva testing on a typical day.



Here are a few final things that you might like to know before taking things forward. If you have any other questions we haven’t thought of yet, no problem! Please email us at and one of the team will get back to you as quickly as they possibly can.

What can go wrong?

It is possible that the treatment will be ineffective.

When does it start to work?

It typically takes two months to begin to see results, depending on the severity of hair loss. We also advise combining this treatment with other therapies (see our other Hair Treatments) to boost its efficacy.

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