Fuller lips are one of nature’s signs of a healthy body, but the natural process of ageing can diminish hydration and cause smoothness to take a hit.

We have two key treatments to deliver natural-looking fuller lips. Firstly, Dermal Fillers, which are designed to swiftly restore or build natural-looking bounce and glow – delivering hydration, adding shape, lifting and smoothing. We use a range of products, often in combination, to get the best results for your body type, including Belotero ®, Juvéderm ® and Teosyal ®.

Additionally, look to Thread Lifts – a superb non-invasive alternative to the face-lift, where the insertion of different lengths of threads subtly sculpt the skin’s contours to create a perkier, crisper but still natural silhouette. This therapy is ideal for remedying the vertical marks sometimes known as ‘smoker’s lines’, and can be a superb replacement for filler (threads form a solid bond, meaning there is no possibility of the movement that can happen when the gel of dermal fillers migrates). Notably, TLC is one of the only clinics which performs this procedure on lips, due to us being one of the few practices that holds the requisite Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration.