Danielle Venning

Therapist & Clinical Assistant


A cornerstone of TLC HQ, Danielle Venning is a trained therapist and our principal clinical assistant. Deftly joining the dots between patient support and aesthetic procedures with an expert overview and unfailing panache, there’s nothing she doesn’t know about treatment care – she’s currently studying for a degree in general nursing.

Hailing from Edinburgh, in her twenties she travelled throughout Southeast Asia before settling in Australia and New Zealand for several years where she transitioned from a successful career in hospitality into dentistry and Medi Aesthetics – via chair-side nursing, practice management, treatment coordination and advanced surgical support. On returning to Scotland, she assisted a renowned oral surgeon and his team before moving to London to work for the largest privately-owned practice in the UK – two roles that gave her unique in-the-field insights into the processes and possibilities of specialist procedures: “It was brilliant for learning the basis of everything from sedation techniques to prepping surgery, as well as understanding how different bodies react, respond, and adapt.”

She met Sarah in 2018, becoming a lynchpin of the TLC team almost immediately.


Alongside meticulously managing patient’s treatment plans, Venning is skilled in performing many of TLC’s skin-supercharging light and laser-based treatments – INTRAcel®, ULTRAcel Q+®, and our Sciton Joule® Halo and BBL Hero therapies – as well as fat-dissolving procedure CoolSculpting®. Affirming her interest in 360° patient care she’s also studying to support the clinic’s work with injectables and integrated medicine (bio-specific treatments marrying therapies and lifestyle changes to treat the patient holistically, over time): “Regardless of treatment, I’ve always been fascinated by how interconnected the body is – and the processes and techniques for stimulating it to work in its own best interests.”


Having supported a wide variety of treatments and types of patient care in clinics worldwide, often being the most regular point of contact for the patient, Venning has never lost sight of the powerful transformational aspect of Medi Aesthetics, and the relationships built along the journey: “We’re so influenced emotionally by our appearance that it’s critical to our mental and physical wellbeing. Having worked with many people who have psychologically struggled with an aspect of their appearance, sometimes since childhood, I’ve always enjoyed helping patients ease into the support; it’s amazing to see the positive change.”

Behind the Scenes

A self-confessed “aesthetics nerd” in her free time, she loves digging into new research papers (“the more obscure the better”) and is a strong competitive half marathon runner.

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • Level 4: Laser & Light technologies certification.