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We understand just how seriously scarring can knock your confidence, particularly if it’s something you’ve been living with for a long time. Whether the result of an accident or acne, we have a multitude of scar-targeting treatments, able to improve overall skin texture in the process.

Most notable are our Sciton JOULE ® Light & Laser Technologies, which harness thermal energy for an intensely rejuvenating exfoliation. The three key treatments in this set to remedy scarring are the Halo™, which can help to redress obstinate or deep-seated skin conditions, such as scarring or lesions. The BBL ® Hero ™, one of the only varieties of light therapy shown in a study to have the potential to rejuvenate, and not just remove ageing skin cells and discolouration (it can even treat red marks), and our gentlest laser therapy, ClearSilk ®, which is suitable for light scarring.
Also see PicoSure Pro ® – a low-downtime laser treatment dedicated to reducing irregular skin pigmentations including brown patches such as melasma, or textural disparities such as acne scars. Because it delivers highly targeted shots of energy ultra-fast it won’t harm the surrounding skin.
INTRAcel ® is another great option. It harnesses the combined powers of fractional radiofrequency and micro-needling to redefine skin texture, while Injectable Moisturisers (which not only hydrate but also stimulate collagen projection, spurring healthier skin) can be dispensed directly into scar tissues.
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