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Dr Kishan Raichura


Dr Kishan Raichura, one of TLC’s strong squad of distinguished doctors, is qualified in dentistry and medicine and is a passionate advocate for a 360° approach to wellbeing. As such, aside his stellar work in Medical Aesthetics he is also the clinic’s guiding light in integrative health – our treatments that use cutting edge genetic and biomarker testing to custom create holistic treatment plans for patients.


After becoming a dentist in the early noughties, Dr. Raichura worked in maxillofacial (face, jaw & mouth) surgery, providing him with the deep insights into facial anatomy that have made him an expert in performing meticulously detailed cosmetic procedures. On qualifying as a doctor, he also gained a degree in pathology (exploring how illness and diseases impact individuals), furthering his work in integrated and also complementary medicines that combine therapies and key lifestyle guidance.

Since then, he’s acquired certifications in Integrative Hormonal Health and Advanced Body Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), illustrating the ongoing appetite for advanced learning that powers up all TLC’s practitioners. “Having seen success first-hand in combining traditional medicine with evidence-based but still-emerging treatments I’ve vigorously pursued new tools and methodologies that are grounded in highly personalised betterment.”

Dr. Raichura and TLC founder Dr. Sarah Tonks first met in 2005, forming an enduring collaborative bond that saw him officially join the TLC team in 2019.


As our Integrative Health specialist Dr. Raichura is the go-to doctor for treatments which home in on holistically rebalancing and/or helping to prevent future illnesses: hormone therapies, weight loss, hair regrowth and nutritional support programmes. However, he is also renowned for his dexterity in handling delicate cosmetic work; he’s acclaimed for his special touch with advanced muscle-relaxing injectables and also tear trough fillers – a hard-to-master rejuvenating procedure that addresses the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.


Having worked with patients suffering traumatic facial injuries in the early part of his career Dr. Raichura is a major proponent of the positive impact of cosmetic procedures on physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s an ethos that infuses all his work: “I’ve always loved the energy exchange involved in surgery where you’re supporting someone in their healing process. Often, that has to involve a long-term dialogue as they rehabilitate, a mindset I’ve carried into my integrative health work. There’s an essential bond of kindness, alongside a deeper enquiry into life and the value of making a lasting connection that I find very motivating.”

Behind the Scenes

Affirming his passion for holistic health, in his own time Dr. Raichura enjoys “bio-hacking” his own life via a mixture of activities including mixed martial art Krav Maga, experimental cooking, skateboarding, fitness training, cycling and yoga. He is currently a second-degree reiki practitioner and regularly attends mindfulness and meditation sessions led by experts including Indian teacher Sadhguru and US author Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery). University of Leeds, UK
  • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). University of London, UK
  • BSc Experimental Pathology. University of London, UK
  • MFDS (Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery) Royal College of Surgeons, England


  • Certified provider of DNA Life Genetic Testing
  • Certified Partner in National Medical Weight Loss
  • ABHRT (Hormone Advanced Training in Hormonal Replacement Therapy, Worldlink Medical, USA)