Exosome Treatments – The Next Generation Of Skin Health

Exosome Treatments – The Next Generation Of Skin Health

The more the skin is studied, the better we can care for it. At The Lovely Clinic, we pride ourselves on staying one step ahead of the skin health game, meaning we’ve had a keen eye on the development of Exosome Treatments over the last few years. This breakthrough technique is the pinnacle of current scientific research into the regenerative capabilities of skin tissue. We are excited to be one of the first clinics in the UK to offer this clinically tested anti-ageing procedure.

The Development Of Exosome Treatments

In the early 2000s, a cutting-edge treatment known as ‘stem cell therapy’ claimed to initiate the repair response of diseased or injured tissue as an alternative to organ donation. Research developed the procedure with some success, particularly concerning heart conditions. However, stem cell tissue growth is a challenging process. Studies soon revealed the significance of exosomes – small vesicles released by stem cells that act as messengers between cells, no matter how near or distant. Messages include instructing cells to turn functions on or off or to react in certain ways. Exosome Treatments harness the potent repair and regenerative functions of stem cells, which has paved the way for the next generation of facial rejuvenation procedures.

Exosomes are isolated using a centrifuge in the same way platelets are extracted for Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy or stem cells for a fat transfer, and can be either made from your own blood or a donor. They are topically applied to the face after receiving a treatment, which creates microchannels such as microneedling. This enables the exosomes to be absorbed by deeper layers of skin.

Benefits Of Exosomes

These treatments have multiple therapeutic effects:

Collagen Synthesis – By stimulating fibroblast cells, the secretion of collagen proteins helps to maintain the structural framework of the skin tissue. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and makes the complexion feel tighter and lifted.

Regulation Of Inflammation – Exosomes can inhibit inflammatory reactions, which helps to regulate conditions such as atopic dermatitis. Dry, flaky skin and rough patches are softened and smoothed.

Improved Angiogenic Ability – Vascularisation provides a sufficient nutrient supply so that skin cells can effectively function. Ageing can reduce the number of blood vessel structures found, inhibiting this process. Exosomes have angiogenic properties, meaning they facilitate blood vessel formation. This improves overall skin health and optimises cell performance.

Why Choose The Lovely Clinic?

We are committed to providing the highest quality treatments for our patients. This means being aware of the latest procedures and research, and ensuring our practitioners are trained in new skin health techniques, such as Exosome Treatments.

When you book a consultation at The Lovely Clinic, we take the time to get to know you and your skincare goals before moving forward. If we think a particular treatment won’t benefit you, we will recommend something more suitable in its place. All of our practitioners use their expertise to create bespoke treatment plans that enhance your natural beauty, so you leave our clinic feeling confident and glowing.

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