Gina Maslin (INP)

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner


Combining an extensive career grounded in traditional medical training with all the trimmings of cutting-edge cosmetic know-how, Gina Maslin is the consummate therapist-clinician. With two decades of intensive nursing experience prior to embracing advanced aesthetics she brings next-level expertise to both TLC’s everyday treatments and those therapies that thrive on longer-length care.
Having acquired a degree in adult nursing at the prestigious King’s College London in 2003, she specialised in sexual health and supporting people living with HIV – a pursuit that provided her with a wealth of wisdom regarding intricate patient care, medical (and Medi-aesthetic) innovations and managing complex, continuing conditions.
In 2018, having “loved the intensity of working regularly with patients, and seeing the transformative power of pioneering treatments” she pivoted fully into the world of aesthetics, qualifying in advanced procedures in early 2021. She launched her own studio in Essex (southeast England) before helping then-Australia-based Laser Clinics to launch in the UK.

A long-time fan of Dr. Sarah Tonks’ work she joined the TLC team in 2023.


Dealing with dermatological conditions and desires of every denomination is Gina’s major passion point. Having witnessed first-hand how fillers were used alongside HIV medicines to help patients suffering facial wasting (“there’s considerable crossover between HIV and skin problems, and that was really my first taste of seeing the positive effects of aesthetic medicine”) – generally how advanced therapies can complement healthy ageing – she now focuses on muscle-relaxing injectables and other injectable “skin boosters”, alongside other procedures such as chemical peels and micro-needling (see INTRAcel): “I love the instant instillation of confidence, seeing how fast an aesthetic practice can trigger a sense of transformation.”


Having been privy to traumatic personal journeys when nursing, Gina remains keenly aware of allowing an individual’s unique, innate light to be foregrounded: “The importance of maintaining a sense of individuality is really important to me. It’s always about making my patients look like a better version of themselves, letting them shine rather than becoming a clone of someone else, and understanding how to achieve natural-looking results is key to that. It’s why I’m so excited by polynucleotides and biostimulators – regenerative medicines that help the body itself stimulate its own regrowth.”

Behind the Scenes

Gina’s interest in harnessing a holistic approach to health can also be seen in her love of cooking & nutrition, and fitness – she’s also a yoga devotee with a penchant for a nature walk.

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • BSc in Adult Nursing, King’s College London
  • Advanced Botulinum and Dermal Fillers Course
  • V300 Non-Medical Prescribing Certificate