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How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

The dreaded double chin – a beauty woe for many patients and often an unfortunate side effect of ageing, hormonal changes or gaining weight. Is there anything we can do at TLC about the pesky double-chin? The answer is a resounding yes.

As we get older, the height of the chin may reduce, particularly in the crease across the chin. Tension of the muscle in this area can even cause the chin to gradually turn upwards giving the so-called ‘witch’s chin’ appearance making matters even worse.

At TLC we can ‘de-rotate’ the chin and give some definition back. For general reference, the width between the eyes should match the width of the point of the chin for women – so if this is looking out of line we can help. Here’s a case study of this very thing from my YouTube channel.

Adding definition to the chin itself, rather than just around it, can make the chin look more pronounced. Don’t worry though – we won’t leave you with a John Travolta-like crease! Instead, we can create a little more definition which is what can often be lost when the double chin decides to take hold.

A non-invasive solution for a double chin called ultrasound can tighten the skin of the chin giving it a wonderful lift and this is actually my favourite treatment solution for my personal needs in this area too. When the skin is heated it contracts leading to the desired tightening effect. At TLC we use ULTRAcel Q+ to give this ‘shrink-wrapping’ effect on the skin, with results gradually improving as time goes on even months after the actual treatment has taken place. Another benefit is our patients don’t require pain relief with this treatment. To find out more about this, visit our page on solutions for the hands, neck and decolletage.

We also love our fat dissolving treatments which have had excellent results on reducing the presence of double chins. In the near future our CoolSculpting machine – a fat freezing treatment which is non-invasive and requires no downtime will also be used to tackle this problem so we can discuss all of these options together before deciding on what the right treatment for you.

Treating a double chin is not exclusive to our male or female patients and unfortunately double chins do not discriminate, so it can happen to anyone at any stage of their life. However, we do know how much of a confidence knock it can be which is why we love to work with our patients to treat it.

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