I have a big event coming up, how can I look my best?

If you’ve got a big event on the horizon, there’s a multitude of things we can do to help you look your very best, regardless of how much time you’ve got to prepare. These range from glow-inducing facial treatments to, for those with a little more time on their hands, full body sculpting therapies.​

How much time have you got?

One week: if the pressure is on, we’d advise a gentle Chemical Peel for instant beauty-boosting exfoliation, the deep tightening, brightening and lifting of skincare treatment ULTRAcel Q+ ® (great for anywhere on the face and body), the nutrient-mainlining hits of Mesotherapy, or the super skin boosting ClearSilk ® – the lightest touch therapy in the Sciton JOULE ® Light & Laser Technologies range.

One month: if you have a little more time to play with try the luminosity-inducing influence of Injectable Moisturisers, achieve a beautifully relaxed look via Advanced Muscle-Relaxing Injectables, the skin texture redefining genius of INTRAcel ®, revolutionary skin revitalising laser therapy PicoSure Pro ®, or the deeper dive treatments in our Sciton JOULE ® Light & Laser Technologies. Additionally, you should consider Thread Lifting – a superb, less-invasive alternative to the face lift (the small and medium versions are applicable to the one-month deadline).

Three months: if you’re planning way in advance, you might also want to consider building back some bounce with Dermal Fillers,the multifarious benefits of Carboxytherapy (glowing skin, diminishing fat, stretch marks, dark under-eye circles and cellulite), or the facial contouring of Thread Lifting. Silhouette-streamlining therapies for which you’ll also have enough time in hand include the body shaping/fat reduction therapies CoolSculpting ®, EMSCULPT NEO ® and (pelvic floor focused) EMSELLA ®.

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