Nur Atif-Ali

Aesthetic Therapist


Malaysia-born London-based Nur Atif-Ali brings a gloriously global beauty perspective to the TLC team. An expert in science-backed skincare therapies, her in-depth knowledge of the sensitivities of varied complexions, conditions, and skin types has made her our go-to for delivering dermatological success.


Obsessed from an early age with cosmetic treatments’ capacity to build confidence, while growing up in the small town of Muar, Southern Malaysia she recalls dabbling in DIY beauty hacks using milk, honey, and aloe vera gel to recreate famous formulations (“I’ve always been very creative, as well as loving the technical side of Medi-aesthetics”) before beginning a successful career as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines. Flying gave her a front row seat to the very best new Medi-aesthetic treatments worldwide, spurring a move to Europe where she studied at The London School of Beauty & Make-Up (LSBM).


An exceptional student, Nur was fast-tracked through LSBM’s meticulous programme to acquire qualifications including facial anatomy, physiology, hair removal and laser treatments. Graduating in 2018, she joined the TLC team in 2023.


Adept at everything from facial peels and radio-frequency-based micro-needling to treatments using laser technologies, it’s the adaptation of standard therapeutic practices to optimise their efficacy that rules her agenda: “Having worked with patients from all over the world – Korea, China, Europe, the Middle East – I’m especially good at understanding the subtleties of different skin types and what’s needed in terms of altering a treatment to maximise it for an individual’s tolerances.”  


Also renowned for using IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments to remedy acne (“having experienced myself how debilitating that can be”) Nur undertakes new courses every three months to keep her finger firmly on the beauty pulse. 


Having spent time observing different tools, techniques, and approaches to patient care in spas and clinics across both Asia-Pacific and Europe, Nur is keen to bring the most positive attributes from all worlds to her work at TLC: I want to ensure patients never ever feel judged. It’s very important that I can offer patients recommendations with authority and skill, but also that they feel nurtured enough to be able to explore the things that are either worrying or fascinating them in an honest and empowering environment.” 

Behind the Scenes

Enthused about ingredients of every denomination, avid foodie Nur spends her weekends scouring the capital for new culinary hotspots to sample with her family.  

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • VTCT level 4 IPL, Laser and Skin Rejuvenation.