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Pigmentation Reduction Services

Beautify skin by keeping pigmentation concerns under control

From managing melasma and redressing sunspots to banishing dark circles (plus much more), whether it’s a completely new concern or the unwanted creep of ageing, our Pigmentation Reduction Services deftly combat every type of issue.


Dr Sarah Tonks says...

“Far from being a solely remedial suite of treatments, our pigmentation reduction services are a mix and match array of therapies that will also improve your overall skin health whilst delivering on everything from melasma to age spots. From peels and lasers to radiofrequency and microneedling, their regenerative and fortifying properties mean better texture and more luminosity, as well as an even tone.”

TLC’s Services:​

Whatever your concern, in the list below you’ll find a treatment to soothe your pigmentation-related anxieties. If you require any further support in making your choice, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the main TLC number/email.

VirtueRF ®

A crème de la crème radiofrequency microneedling treatment – thanks to its controllable micro pulsing movements, unique cooling component and unprecedented mode of tackling pigmentation (the device strengthens the skin, rather than shattering the pigmentation) – there’s very little the VirtueRF can’t do. You can expect tightening, brightening, toning and generally fabulously revived skin.


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A unique and deep double-duty treatment, INTRAcel harnesses the combined powers of fractional radiofrequency and microneedling to redefine skin texture. Tightening and brightening, it provides particularly pleasing results for those struggling with dull or irregular skin textures and tones (as well as crepey skin, active acne or acne scarring), while rallying overall rejuvenation. The clincher? The procedure also strengthens the skin at the dermoepidermal junction (the interface between the top and middle layers of the skin), reducing the appearance of excess pigment. It can also help the skin to eliminate patches of melasma.


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Chemical Peels​

Rippling with a variety of active ingredients, chemical peels – applicable to anywhere on the body – resurface and refresh the skin for a next-level glow. An excellent way to address common skincare concerns, including active acne and hyperpigmentation (discolouration) alongside sun damage and subtle scars, they have the capacity to refine and regenerate the skin in a way that at-home versions simply can’t match. All our chemical peels come with the added bonus of stimulating collagen and elastin production – fortifying the skin and slowing the key signs of ageing.


We use The Skinbetter Science ® Alpharet ® Peel, The Perfect Peel® Superblend and The Perfect Peel ®.


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Sciton JOULE ® Light & Laser Technologies

Tranexamic Acid & Hydroquinone ​

For more challenging pigmentation problems, we offer two key topical treatments – tranexamic acid and hydroquinone – which provide a promising, long-term line of defence in combatting the most stubborn forms of melasma, age or sunspots, as well as other forms of discolouration. Please note that hydroquinone and oral tranexamic acid are only available following a suitability consultation with a TLC doctor or prescribing nurse, but intradermal mesotherapy with tranexamic acid (where the pigmentation-reducing remedy is injected into the skin) can be completed by a therapist without the need for a medical prescription.


To find out more about tranexamic acid, click here.

To find out more about hydroquinone, click here.


A major movement in haute beauty, exosomes are extracted from stem cells which, when applied to the body in conjunction with other treatments involving microneedling or light and laser technologies, turbocharge skin regeneration, including helping to correct hyper-pigmentation or melasma (brown or grey patches on the face).


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PicoSure ® Pro

A revolutionary skin revitalising laser therapy, PicoSure® Pro is the gold standard in treating irregular skin pigmentation and removing even the trickiest of tattoos. Similarly expert in dealing with wrinkles, acne scars and large pores, in every instance it delivers shots of energy so fast and tightly targeted that it spares the skin from thermal damage.


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Here are a few final things that you might like to know before taking things forward. If you have any other questions we haven’t thought of yet, no problem! Please email us at and one of the team will get back to you as quickly as they possibly can.

Does it hurt?
There is some discomfort involved in the INTRAcel ® treatment, patients are likely to experience a pricking sensation as a result of the micro-needling – but we minimise this by applying topical anaesthetic cream to patients up to one hour beforehand.
When does it start to work?

You’ll see an immediate improvement to the texture of the skin just a few days after treatment, while the best results become apparent two to four months after treatment.

What can go wrong?

There is a risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and persistent redness, but both complaints are unusual.

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