Préime DermaFacial

Five facial devices in one for multi-tasking magnificence

Folding five classic skincare treatments into one tech-smart system, the Préime DermaFacial is a one-stop (customisable) shop for beautiful foundational facials. Epitomising ‘combination therapy’ excellence – and often deployed as a primer for deeper dive facial treatments – it comprises cleansing & hydrating; hydrodermabrasion for retexturing; microcurrent-led tightening; radiofrequency energy for plumping; and ultrasound to turbocharge product absorption.


Dr Sarah Tonks says...

“The Préime DermaFacial is brilliant because it allows us to custom-provide almost infinite options, from treatments focused solely on just one of five modalities, to those featuring blends of all five. It’s a great multi-tasker, and superbly preps the skin for more complex follow-up treatments too.”

What is it and how does it work?

Conceived as the ultimate multi-tasking combination therapy for superb foundation-level skincare, the Préime DermaFacial is an ultra-versatile, all-skin-type-ready suite that uses advanced tech to upgrade classic aesthetic treatments. 


Anchored in customisation, it consists of five devices, which can be used as standalone treatments or mixed and matched as required to suit an individual patient’s goals:

AquaB: Cleanse & Infuse

The first step in any Préime DermaFacial, Aqua B is a micro ‘hydrofacial’ that uses an energising spiral movement combined with specialist vacuum technology to cleanse, exfoliate and refresh the skin with an infusion of nourishing, active ingredients. The process prepares the skin for any skincare treatments that follow.

VibroX: Exfoliate, Revive & Radiate

The retexturing genius of the VibroX microdermabrasion device comes from its integrated combination of gentle vibrations, tissue-repairing red LED light, and a patented concentration of Préime DermaCeuticals (cosmetic products with bioactive ingredients that provide bonus medical benefits).


The VibroX can also include a basic ‘no needles’ Carboxytherapy style treatment, where CO2 bubbles are suffused into the skin via a gel to stimulate blood circulation, transporting reparative oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

MicroT: Tone & Tighten

Here, the justifiably-trending microcurrent technology (where low-level electrical pulses stimulate the facials muscles) is used to lift and firm up the skin, reducing sagging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Collagen+: Repair & Rejuvenate

Harnessing the powers of radiofrequency technology, the Collagen+ component of a Préime DermaFacial heats the skin to 39-42°C , inducing just enough mild thermal damage to sufficiently stimulate the skin’s own regenerative healing processes, including producing collagen – an essential protein for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. Skin looks and feels firmer and healthier, with a more even and glowing complexion.

UltraB: Nourish & Hydrate

Last but not least of the five, UltraB deploys high-frequency ultrasound (micro vibrations on the skin’s surface) that temporarily open up channels in the skin known as micropores or pathways, that allow products including serums, moisturisers and other active ingredients to be absorbed far more effectively. This means that every drop of goodness actually makes it into your skin, rather than most of it just remaining on top of it, amplifying moisture retention and visibly improving its appearance. 


If desired, patients can supercharge the effects of their treatment with a 15-minute follow-up session of therapeutic LED lighting.

Which body parts is it designed for?

The Préime DermaFacial system is dedicated to the face, although we do utilise some of the settings when performing body treatments such as for one of our Therapist Services, the TLC Beautiful Back.

Who is it primarily good for?

It’s ideal for anyone (any age and any skin type, including during pregnancy or breastfeeding, chemotherapy or before having a patch test for laser), wanting overall skin rejuvenation, or as a preparation for more intensive facial treatments.

How long will it last for and what’s the downtime?

How long the treatments last is dependent on the original condition of the skin, the combination of Préime DermaFacial devices being used, and any follow-up facial treatments – but we generally advise a treatment every month to six weeks to maintain results. The effects are immediate!


The chemical-free, bespoke nature of the Préime DermaFacial system means that none of the treatments require downtime.

What other treatments does it work well with?

What else should I know?

There are no adverse effects associated with the Préime DermaFacial, but your doctor or therapist will guide you through all the possibilities (including treatment combinations) for optimal results and discuss any personal concerns you may have.


If desired, patients can supercharge their treatment with a 15-minute follow-up session of therapeutic LED lighting.

The ultimate multi-tasking combination therapy for skincare, the Préime DermaFacial is an ultra-versatile, all-skin-type-ready suite of devices that uses advanced tech, including radiofrequency energy, ultrasound and microcurrents, to upgrade classic facial treatments.


Here are a few final things that you might like to know before taking things forward. If you have any other questions we haven’t thought of yet, no problem! Please email us at and one of the team will get back to you as quickly as they possibly can.

Does it hurt?

No, every aspect of the Préime DermaFacial is pain-free.

When does it start to work?

Straight away – you’ll be able to see the results immediately.  

What can go wrong?

Nothing. The Préime DermaFacial is an entirely safe treatment, without any known adverse effects.

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