Fascinated by health & beauty since his early teens, Winn-Holdaway’s original career as international cabin crew allowed him to scope out new brands and innovations in many of the most exciting cosmetics epicentres around the world – creating an appetite that remains undiminished: “I’ve always loved being a step ahead, discovering what’s new and what really works and passing on that information to others. I love helping people cut through what is often an overwhelming amount of noise.” 

Following his days in the air, he undertook a beauty therapy course focussed on manual facials, subsequently opening his own business in Kent (southern England) where he worked with private patients before joining the TLC team as patient coordinator and skincare specialist in 2017.


Whether you’re aching to know the difference between cosmeceuticals and clean beauty, understand what melanocytes or collagen banking mean for you, or simply get advice on the very best sunscreen for your lifestyle and skin type, Winn-Holdaway’s superpower is relatable expertise; he demystifies cutting-edge information and, above all, makes it personal. His access to the clinic’s diagnostic tools and the advice of TLC’s accomplished doctors amplifies the tailored approach, including allowing him to adapt suggestions to cultural or religious-based requests such as suggesting (and sourcing) halal, cruelty-free or vegan options, where required.


Constantly schooling himself on the incoming tools, techniques, and brands to stay ahead of the skincare curve himself, Winn-Holdaway prides himself on returning that learning to his patients in order to create a lasting impact:  “I love being able to make suggestions that put the power back into peoples’ hands so they can make a positive change themselves. It’s very important to me to provide advice that is not only impartial but also achievable – products that will fit into peoples’ existing routines – so they feel the long-term benefits.”

Behind the Scenes

Beyond the clinic Winn-Holdaway still loves to travel, is an avid gamer and – underscoring his aficionado status – regularly spends hour devouring skincare Youtube videos. 

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • VTCT Level 2 Skincare (UCL)