Therapist Services

From the most beloved of classic cosmetic therapies to the cutting-edge of tech-powered Medi-Aesthetics, our expert therapist-led treatments for both the face and body are designed to combat specific issues and/or simply deliver a fabulously feelgood, health-enriching experience. Tailored specifically for each individual patient, we curate the most relevant combination of therapies to ensure you’re perfectly covered from head to toe.

Facial Treatments

The TLC Acne SOS

Combating textural trauma from active acne to residual scarring.

The TLC Pigmentation SOS

Pushing back against discolouration and dark circles.

The TLC Problem Pores SOS

Cancel troublesome pores for a smoother, cleaner-looking complexion.

The TLC Rosacea SOS

Reducing redness, fines lines and surface-level hyperpigmentation.

The TLC Sag-Defying Facial

Kiss goodbye to the dreaded droop.

The TLC Super Skin MOT

Supercharge skin to be everyday red carpet ready.

Ultra-Fusion Facials

Intensive infusion techniques for deeper-dive derma-enrichment.

Wonder Device Ultra-Facials

Deluxe smart devices delivering turbocharged skincare results.

Body Treatments

TLC Beautiful Back

Deep cleansing, impurity-lifting and radiance-boosting for the back.

TLC Cellu-Slay

Supercharged cellulite banishing, with a skin-strengthening bonus.

TLC Dream Skin Body Treatments

The ultimate therapy combinations for a model-worthy body.

TLC Scalp Facial

Feelgood and tension-releasing therapies to repair, rehydrate and revive natural shine.

TLC Tight & Toned

A subtly reshaped silhouette: sculpt, debulk and redefine.

TLC Transformative Tech

Innovative combinations of peels, lasers, radiofrequency, and ultrasound for next level skincare.

TLC Trim to Slim

Firm up and tone up - and feel the flab disappear.