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Transformative Tech

Innovative combinations of peels, lasers, radiofrequency, and ultrasound for next level skincare.

Embracing the manifold superpowers of the most cutting-edge medi-aesthetic devices, TLC’s Transformative Tech treatments turn problem zones in all areas of the body into beautifully rejuvenated and infinitely more healthy skin.


Reparative and, in many cases, regenerative, they transcend classic beauty therapies, by using carefully curated combinations of innovative peels, lasers, radiofrequency and high intensity ultrasound to tackle everything from sagging skin and scars to stretch marks and cellulite.


While you’ll experience improved skin condition from day one, we recommend several sessions depending on your goal and blend of treatments, plus regular follow-ups to maintain fabulous results.

The following therapies form the basis of all our Transformative Tech treatments:

All our Transformative Tech treatments begin with the supreme skin prepper: the AquaB mode of the five-faction Préime DermaFacial, which cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes the skin with an infusion of nourishing active ingredients.

Our full body bespoke chemical peel treatments use the full power of our non-toxic peels’ re-surfacing properties – removing oil, dead skin cells and other dermal debris to exfoliate, refine and regenerate the skin from your neck to your ankles. For the body, we generally use the The Skinbetter Science Alpharet Peel – a superficial peel, ideal for rejuvenation and resurfacing body and face, that riffs on the ultra-popular Alpharet Overnight Serum. Alternatively, we may use a peel from the innovative, medical grade Mesoestetic skin care range.


After your peel, you’ll get to enjoy a warm shower, dispelling any uncomfortable feeling of stickiness. Your therapist will recommend the ideal skincare products to subsequently keep your body marvellously moisturised.

You’ll then enjoy the additional benefits of full collagen-boosting body LED light therapy, using our NASA-researched Celluma device, where a combination of blue, red and near-infrared light is choreographed to enhance cellular metabolism, improve skin firmness and lymphatic drainage, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and surface level pigmentation.

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Your therapist will then guide you through a bespoke plan, which may include the following:

This treatment leverages the sweeping thermal energy of the BBL ® HERO ™device – part of the Sciton JOULE ® Light & Laser Technology family of treatments – to resurface the skin and smooth out textural imbalances, making it ideal for anyone keen to reverse the early signs of ageing and sun damage, or to reduce unwanted birthmarks.

Another one of the Sciton JOULE ® Light & Laser Technologies, this is a triumphant skin tightener, thanks to its use of advanced, deep penetrating infrared light technology to kickstart the body’s own natural healing processes, boosting collagen renewal to improve slack skin. It’s ideal for rapidly treating sagging skin all over the body, including the abdomen, knees, thighs, buttocks and arms, as well as the face and neck area. A patch test is required for this treatment.


We recommend a minimum of six sessions to achieve the very best results, followed by regular ‘maintenance’ treatments to continue your progress.

The ClearV is a zone-targeting, pulsing laser therapy dedicated to all conditions connected to the vascular system. Often used in conjunction with the BBL ®  HERO™ (time permitting, we will often recommend that the ClearV ®  follows the BBL ®  HERO™), the ClearV ® treatment is ideal for conditions including broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular lesions and rosacea: its pulsing lasers are absorbed by unwanted vessels, closing them for good. This treatment requires topical anaesthetic and there may be some temporary dryness, flaking of the skin and post-treatment redness for 12-48 hours. A patch test is essential.

The innovative companion treatment to skin retexturing marvel INTRAcel, ULTRAcel Q+ mobilises the power of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to deliver deep tightening, brightening and lifting, and includes the reduction of fat in smaller areas than are generally focused on during CoolSculpting ® . TLC’s skilled practitioners can both control and destroy areas of fat, including firming flabby skin on the buttocks, knees, arms (bingo wings) and abdomen.

The INTRAcel treatment (another of the Sciton JOULE ®  Light & Laser Technologies group) deploys the two-pronged superpowers of fractional radiofrequency and microneedling to redefine skin texture, including minimising stretch marks and scarring. Please note that this treatment requires a topical anaesthetic, and you may experience some pinpoint bruising and redness after treatment for approximately 24 hours. No patch test is required for this treatment, and a minimum of three treatments (followed by regular ongoing maintenance) are advised to achieve and maintain the best results.

HALO ® : A serious skin-polisher that’s ideal for fine lines, scar revision and sun damage (just a couple of sessions will deliver the desired results for superficial sun damage), HALO ®  digs into the slightly weightier capacity of the Sciton JOULE ®  HALO device (it’s a tougher customer than its IPL laser treatment sibling, BBL ®  HERO™) to resurface and tighten the skin with power and precision. While it’s not suitable for use across the whole body, it’s ideal for tackling stretch marks.


This procedure will require a topical anaesthetic and may incur some post-treatment redness for 12-48 hours, plus temporary swelling and flaky and/or scabbing, requiring a few days of downtime. A patch test is essential.

The most subtle of the Sciton JOULE ® Light and Laser Treatments family, the ClearSilk ® treatment deposits heat deep below the skin’s surface, stimulating fibroblast activity, which activates the body’s natural repair process to generate considerably healthier-looking skin. This includes smoothing out uneven textures and marks. Please note that, in some cases, patients will experience post-treatment redness for 12-48 hours, temporary dryness and flaking skin. A patch test is essential.

A long-established therapy for treating stretch marks and cellulite, our Carboxytherapy body treatment, also known as carbon dioxide therapy, involves dispensing medical-grade infusions of the gas (which occurs naturally in the body) into the skin via a slim tube. In response, the body floods oxygenated nutrient-rich blood to the treated area, stimulating new collagen growth and assisting with the removal of toxins. The result is a tighter, brighter and healthier-looking complexion with zero chemicals.


We recommend a minimum of 12 sessions to get the very best results, followed by additional sessions to maintain the best possible outcome – but your therapist will advise you more precisely according to your skin and specific goals.

The MicroLaserPeel ®: Those seeking improved skin texture, such as due to stretch marks, should look no further than the skin polishing MicroLaserPeel ®, which evens skin tone whilst smoothing roughness and textural imbalances to restore a healthy, youthful glow. A patch test is required for this treatment, and a minimum of six treatments (followed by regular maintenance) is advised for the very best results.


With this therapy, you’re likely to experience some post-treatment redness for 12-48 hours and some mild flaking.

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