The TLC Rosacea SOS Facial

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Cost: £345

Time: 55 minutes

Treatment time:

30-45 minutes

Number of treatments:

over 6 weeks


Smoother, tighter,
more glowing skin.
Lasts 12-18 months


1 week for each
treatment session


Dr Sarah Tonks says...

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The TLC Rosacea SOS Facial is an essential lifeline in combating the common problem of rosacea (now estimated to effect as many as 5% of people globally).

A number of our smart skincare facials can satisfyingly counter even the stubbornest and most sensitive genetic predispositions, and all with the utmost safety.


Your therapist will tailor a plan according to your exact needs based on a detailed facial assessment alongside your symptom history. We take into account any triggers which are unique to you, and treatments or products which may have worked well for you before to craft the safest and most effective treatment.


All facials are commenced with a deep cleanse followed by our rosacea-friendly Chemical Peel. While based on your individual skin tolerance, many patients tolerate certain types of acid or enzyme peel especially well, particular those suffering from pustular rosacea.

This is followed with a lymphatic drainage massage and soothing mask. Then comes the hydrofacial that cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes with an infusion of nourishing and calming active ingredients and a thermal ultrasound device to increase the trans epidermal absorption of the active ingredients to improve moisture retention.


Your TLC Rosacea SOS Facial can also include the following options:

Cost: £345

Time: 55 minutes


The addition of microneedling – when used with the major added
bonus of Exosomes (the tiny growth-factor-containing sacks, capable of turbocharging skin regeneration and hair growth) – are also an excellent remedy for rosacea. Following microneedling, we use the cutting-edge, award-winning cryotherapy device TargetCool, which calms the needled skin and increases the penetration of any product placed onto it. The exosomes are applied to the tiny perforations, calming inflammation, enlivening lacklustre skin, rebooting tone and texture including redness. This is a truly revolutionary treatment for all types of facial redness making this a truly wow-factor facial.


While patients may experience some ruddiness for approximately 24 hours after the treatment.

Cost: £345

Time: 55 minutes


BBL ® HERO ™: We leverage the specific rosacea-reducing properties of the BBL ® HERO ™ device, part of the Sciton JOULE ® Light & Laser Technology family of treatments. This therapy uses the wonders of broad-spectrum visible and infrared light energy selectively and sensitively to heat broken blood vessel and then eliminate them – reducing larger areas of unwanted redness, leaving only beautiful skin behind.


ClearV: Another of the Sciton JOULE ® Light & Laser Technology group, and one that’s often used in conjunction with the BBL ® HERO ™ , the ClearV treatment is ideal for redressing rosacea – a zone-targeting therapy dedicated to all conditions connected to the vascular system (including broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular lesions and rosacea), it’s pulsing lasers are absorbed by the unwanted vessels, closing them for good.


ClearSilk: Deposits heat deep beneath the skin, stimulating the body’s fundamental healing processes and giving it a powerful grip on diffusing ‘blushing and flushing’ surface-level redness – making it an ideal rosacea remedy.


Please note that this fully loaded facial may require topical anaesthetic and there may be some temporary dryness, flaking of the skin and post-treatment redness for 12-48 hours. A patch test is essential.

All rosacea facials will be completed with a glorious session of collagen- stimulating LED light therapy, where blue, red and near-infrared light are deployed to enhance cellular metabolism, stimulate collagen production, improve skin firmness and lymphatic drainage, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and surface level hyperpigmentation. We may also utilise the Lumixa high-impact skin-rejuvenating photosensitive treatment. This is a unique photodynamic serum to amplify the result of the LED and is used to reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production and enhancing skin regeneration.


Your therapist will advise on additional home care treatments to complement any of the choices above.

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