Downturned mouth corners

In order to improve a sad appearance to the mouth.


Horizontal forehead lines. This area should only be treated in conjunction with the frown lines.

Frown line

Otherwise known as the 11 lines between the eyebrows.

Crow’s feet

The horizontal lines emanating from the lateral portion of the eye to the nose.

Bunny line

The diagonal lines from the corner of the eye to the nose.

Under-eye wrinkles

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Dipping of the nasal tip

Some people find the nasal tip droops when they are smiling. Botox injections can help to minimise this.

Gummy smile

When smiling, if there is too much show of the gum, Botox can be used to drop the smile to the gum is not as visible.

Lip flip

A compelling alternative to dermal fillers in the lip, or for those with a gummy smile.

Orange peel chin

When speaking, sometimes the chin muscle is overactive and causes dimpling here.


This area can be injected either to relieve pain from tooth grinding or to slim the face.


This treatment is performed to lift the jawline after removing the downwards influence of the platysmal muscle in this specific region.


The vertical bands from the lower part of the jaw to the lower part of the neck.


The shoulder muscle which can be responsible for pain when in tension. This area can also be treated to give a more elegant appearance to the neck.


Migraine protocol can help with recurrent headaches when there are more than 15 per month.