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What Are The Benefits of Fat Freezing & Should You Try It?

What Are The Benefits of Fat Freezing & Should You Try It?

If there’s been one beauty hangup that’s common to many people it’s the issue of excess fat. Here at TLC we encourage and celebrate all shapes and sizes, but if fat is a major woe for you then we’re here to help.

There are various types of ‘traditional’ fat solutions for the body; from botched liposuction surgery to tummy tucks and everything in-between, we’ve seen plenty that are invasive on the body, leading to scarring and potentially disastrous results. Liposuction has even declined in popularity by 30% since the year 2000!

But let’s not give all fat treatments a bad rap. Here at TLC we’re always looking at ways to innovate and provide our patients with access to treatments that are safe, long-lasting and have exactly the outcome we’d expect. And that’s where our wonderful fat freezing machines come in.

Unlike fat treatments like liposuction which can often leave uneven results or treatments or don’t actually prevent the fat from returning, our CoolSculpting treatment targets pockets of stubborn fat and freezes them, resulting in the cells of fat breaking down and being eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system – no needles or scary knives involved. That sounds like a great solution, right!?

But the benefits of fat freezing go far beyond it just being a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. Due to the science behind fat freezing we know that it hurts the fat itself and not the skin, and that’s why it has such effective results. Plus, concentrating the treatment on specific areas of the body ensures even results too and you’re left with no nasty stitches or scars that traditional fat solutions might have given you.

This brings us on to our next point – CoolSculpting can treat a whopping 9 different areas of the body including bulges under the chin and jawline, thighs, abdomen, back fat and the upper arms. See the amazing results in CoolScupting’s before and after pictures. And with the treatment involving an applicator that applies a gentle suction effect to the target area, we see this as a solution we can all get on board with.

For the best results, the number of treatments recommended depends on the size of the area you are looking to improve. Let us help you effectively manage those pesky areas of fat that you’d like to say goodbye to. And if you keep up with a healthy lifestyle, the results should be long-term too.

Contact us to book an initial consultation with a member of our dedicated team at The Lovely Clinic and get more information on CoolSculpting at TLC (coming soon!).

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