Our hair is often directly in the firing line when it comes to the fallout of a weakened immune system, emotional stress or environmental factors as diverse as city living to excess sun. It’s therefore highly deserving of a cast of dedicated treatments and supporting products.

TrichoTest ® is our service specifically in aid of hair loss – an advanced therapy that uses genetic testing (16 genetic variations across 13 genes) to inform a custom-made treatment plan featuring the ideal mixture of vitamins, supplements and other active pharmaceutical ingredients crafted just for your needs. We also work with follow-up at home products like LED caps, to keep the ball rolling once you’ve left the clinic.

Other treatments include the nutrient-delivering micro-injections of Mesotherapy, in this case dispensing hyper-nourishing preparations into the scalp to generate lustrous locks and ward off hair loss, and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), which harnesses the natural regenerative powers of the body’s own blood to boost healing.

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