At TLC, we take enormous pride in delivering treatments tailored to each person individually, focusing on restoring, rebalancing and orchestrating overall harmony, so that you look and feel your natural best – without any outwardly detectable signs of change.

For treatments focused on arresting the bodily signs of ageing as naturally as possible, our Sciton Joule ® Light & Laser Technologies are an especially powerful option; the BBL® HeroTM treatment, which is part of the intense pulsed light (IPL) family of procedures, is the only light therapy shown in a study to have the potential to rejuvenate, not just remove, ageing skin cells. Other therapies in this series are even capable of removing thread veins.

Also look to EMSCULPT NEO ® – a revolutionary double duty body contouring treatment that burns fat and builds and tones muscle at the same time, and Coolsculpting ® – an alternative to liposuction that dismantles stubborn pockets of fat.
Injectable Moisturisers is also a key treatment here – it not only adds instant hydration, but also boosts collagen and increases elastin levels in the skin, ideal for subtly combatting the signs of ageing, while cultivating a more balanced complexion. Also, consider the fabulous brightening micro-injections of Mesotherapy, Dermal Fillers – see Lanluma ® in particular, a brilliant skin booster, ideal for restoring lost volume over a broader area – and the overall lifting and tightening superstar ULTRAcel Q+ ®, a favourite for those looking to address sagging jowls.

Many of our treatments also include a preventative aspect, such as our Advanced Muscle-Relaxing Injectables, which diminish fine lines now, but can also prevent wrinkles from beginning to bed in for future-proofing purposes.

For a longer-term option, see our Integrative Health division, where services including Body Identical Hormone Therapy (which focuses on restoring hormonal health for optimal overall wellness) and Nutrition (dietary guidance grounded in genetic testing), which will gently but firmly steer you toward a higher state of health, pushing back against many issues associated with ageing.